Undisclosed Location
Clendenin WV
Old World Investments LLC
304-543-1146 M-F 9am-5pm
The Big Sandy Creek wraps around this property beautifully.  It is shallow in spots but also has a great
fishing/swimming hole.  And every night at dusk, you will get an enchanting lightning bug show.

2 cabins connected by a covered deck in the middle
Cabin A:    800 sq ft (200 on main level, 600 on upper level).
Cabin B:    200 sq ft.  Just framed space. Not finished.
Deck:        200 sq ft
Builder:     Hershberger Custom Barns, Amish builder from Ohio

Wiring has been roughed in on the main floor of Cabin 2 only

Drywall has been installed on the main floor of Cabin A only.  It has NOT been finished.

The old barn on this property does not appear to be structurally sound.  It could be sold for the old barn wood.

Lot size: 5.686 acres, mostly field

Electric: AEP sent an engineer out.  They need to set one pole in order to get service.  They have already marked
the location of the pole.  There is no fee from AEP to set the pole and connect service.  However, they will not set it
until a gravel parking pad is put in.  They are concerned that their truck will sink into the soil without gravel.
Water: There is an existing well on the property but there is no line run to the cabins
Sewer: A new septic system was installed in 2017
Natural Gas: I do not know if gas is available at this location
Cell: I have Verizon Wireless and I am able to use voice, text and data from this location.

Flood Info
Flood Zone: A
Piers: The piers were designed by Sam Wood of Advantage Home in South Charleston
Elevation: The lowest floor sits approximately 8-9 feet above grade
1000yr Flood of 2016: Approx. 4-5 feet of water was standing where the cabins sit
1996 or 1997 Flood:  There has been some debate among the neighbors on the year but they said approximately 2
feet of water was on the field where the cabins sit.
Many of the neighbors have lived on that road "forever" and those are the only 2 times they've ever know the field to

Reason I'm not disclosing the address
I have never had any issues at these cabins, but I fear if I list the exact location on Facebook that the cabins will be a
target for theft and vandalism