Routine/Non-Emergency Maintenance Issues Any routine maintenance issues should be entered into the online
tenant portal, emailed to, or called in to 304-543-1146 Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm.

Water leaks If there is a water leak, shut off the valve for that area.  If that doesn’t work or if it is a major water issue,
shut off the main water shut off valve for the property before calling OWI.

Gas Leaks If there is a gas leak, leave the premises immediately and call the gas company at 800-834-2070 before
calling OWI.

Emergency Maintenance Issues If there is an emergency, first try to make contact in following order:
Jennifer Rhyne cell/text: 304-552-4168
Heath Barnett cell/text: 304-546-7385

Leave a message AND text at each of the numbers above.  If you cannot get in touch with any of them, you may contact
the appropriate company below.  

Heating & Cooling Priestley Heating & Cooling 304-389-3233

Plumber Mullen Plumbing 304-744-3221

Electrician Best Electric 304-744-6860
Please post on your refrigerator
Emergency Information
Updated November 4, 2013